DNA Testing

DNA Testing

dna-testing-brochure-imageOccupational Health Solutions Ltd has been providing reliable and accurate DNA testing services to Trinidad and Tobago since our inception. We are a preferred provider for the legal system in Trinidad and Tobago with special focus on the courts dealing with Family matters. Our DNA relationship testing reports are court admissible.

We offer a very extensive range of DNA based relationship testing as well as some forensic testing. Our personnel are trained and certified in proper specimen collection and handling as well as chain of custody procedures so you are guaranteed that your samples and results are treated in a confidential and professional manner.

We have the shortest turnaround time in the country with standard reporting being ready in less than a week. Expedited testing could give you results in 2 days.

We carry a home collection kit so that you can collect samples in the privacy of your home or we carry out home collections where we would send a collector to a location of your choice to have the samples collected. We also offer testing on special samples such as toothbrushes, hair, fingernail, clothing etc.

Some of our DNA testing services include:


  • Paternity Duo (Child/Father) or Paternity Trio (Mother/Child/Father)
  • PreNatal


  • Grandparentage
  • Avuncular (Aunt and Uncle)
  • Siblingship (Full and Half)
  • Twin Zygosity
  • Y Chromosome

Personal DNA Profile
CSI Profile (Child Safety Identification DNA Profile – 16 Marker)

  • Whole Blood
  • Group 1 – Tooth, Organ/Tissue Sample
  • Group 2 – Hair with Roots, Toothbrush, Fingernail, Clothing etc.


  • Semen screen of evidence (Includes screening of 1-2 stains)
  • Gender screen of Evidence (Quantifier and Y Quantifier)
  • DNA Profile of Evidence
  • DNA Profile of Reference Sample (Buccal Swab)