Occupational Medicine


microscope.stockOur Occupational Medicine Unit provides comprehensive medical services tailored specifically to meet the needs of business and industry. Our team of physicians leads a complete unit of medical and paramedical support personnel. We are committed to providing services in a caring environment, in a timely and efficient manner, and at a reasonable cost.

The services we provide can play a key role in your business success by helping you to meet important strategic and operational goals, such as:

  1. Maintaining employee and employer health through health education, screenings, immunizations, and periodic health status reviews.
  2. Identifying and controlling potential health hazards inherent to the work operation.
  3. Reducing the risk of accidental injury or property damage by matching work assignments to employees who possess the job’s requisite physical and psychological requirements.
  4. Meeting occupational health and safety standards, in compliance with applicable regulations.
  5. Providing long term management for employees who are injured on-the-job.
  6. Controlling lost time from work-related accidents/injuries or illnesses.